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On the Cape Cod Arts Network websites we want your advertising dollar go as far as it possibly can !

So, unlike most sites that sell you a single static ad, we sell you an Ad Space; like the ones you see on each of our web pages or the samples on the left.

Then, ideally you create your own ad and keep it on your websites in a specific location ~ and we link to your ad.

What that means to you is, because the ad resides on your website you can change it as often as you like and then the updated ad appears in your Ad Space.

So for only $50 dollars a year you can have your ad change with the season, the latest theater production, promotion, or event.

Each page has a six digit code; like HYAN01; and each ad has a number; usually 01 - 40.  You select the page or pages you want to buy an Ad Space on
and contact us, and if the space is available; it's yours
for the year and  it may be renewed.

Ad Spaces at the top of the page are seen more than ads at the bottom of the page, so the sooner you claim your  Ad Space the more likely your ad will be seen.

Ad Spaces are sold on a first come, first serve basis.  So get yours today !
If you are interesting in advertising on any of our Cape Cod Art Network Websites please contact us at  :



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