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If you are lucky enough to have your own Web Designer, or if you are taking on this task yourself; create an Ad or Ads that are 175 Pixels WIDE and 300 Pixels in LENGTH.

Your ad can contain TEXT, PICTURES, and GRAPHICS in any size that you think will be readable to your customers and also catch the attention of new patrons.

It is best to save your ad in an OPTMIZED .jpg Format.

Obviously, reasonable standards must be kept and any text, pictures, or graphics that could be deemed offensive must not be used.  If this policy is broken, not only will your ad be removed, but your future participation in  these sites may be terminated, and other actions could follow.  So, please use common sense when creating your ads !

Once you ad is created you will save it in a location that will never change on you website like:

If you are interesting in advertising on any of our Cape Cod Art Network Websites please contact us at  :
175 Pixels Wide
300 Pixels
in Length