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Sunday Advertising
Don't have a Web Designer ?  

Buying an ad from a Web Designer cost too much? 

You presently don't have the time or the desire to make your own ad?

We will make you an ad for you from graphics and information we get from your Websiteor from graphics and text that you send us ~ for only $50 an ad !

To be clear,  your still would have to purchase an Ad Space for $50 on one or more of our sites to use the ad , but we would create the ad and host it for you.

Because we are creating and hosting the ad for you, you would not be able to change the ad without purchases multiple ads and contacting us to change it for $10 each change.
If you are interesting in advertising on any of our Cape Cod Art Network Websites please contact us at  :
Don't want to make your own ad ?

CLICK on the
ad and we will be happy to make an ad for you !